Apologies for some links being inactive. We cant police all of them and bands come and go all the time. If people don't tell us, we don't know. Please note that we don't go through your sites for gigs because it takes too long. If you want your gigs on, please mail them to us via the webmaster address.

3 Daze Lost West Yorkshire trio
53/12  Rock covers band from Bradford
A Foreigners Journey Like Foreigner? Like Journey? You'll like this band!

Adam Bomb hardworking New York guitar rocker! Plays a lot in the Northern venues.

Adverse Camber familiar band! Myspace site.
After Dark Different repertoire to the norm
Age of Paranoia  rocky punky ramonesy lively stuff.
Airbourne Aussie rock a la AC/DC
Almaboobies Anglo/Aussie rock babes! They're so good and so cute, we've adopted them!
Amelia Carter Band Girl guitar vocals
Angel of Sin West Yorkshire female led covers band
Anything But Cute Rapid rise to prominence.
Aquilla Cas Vegas local band with a good set of lads with excellent influences.
Arena Stadium band tribute
Armarda Nottingham based rock covers band. Check out their ace logo!
Atlanta   Country rock,rockin country!
Atlanta Roots  rhythm and blues band
Aynt Skynyrd Myspace
Aynt Skynyrd but it sure sounds like 'em!
Audio Engineering Services PA hire, repairs and sales (RotN approved)
Bad Dog Great rock band with female lead.
Bangkok Messiahs of Groove Entertainment value High!
Band Of Oz ****new link
Barnsley Ents She's back by popular demand! Lynne's famous and best South Yorks website for club bands and what's on in South Yorks!  Welcome back Lynne!
Barnstock website for the August Festival
Baron Greenback Gav ,Tim and Liz's evolving ex Black Abba band. (That alright Tim?)
Bazooka Band another new link
Beetlejoos great band who put on one hell of a show, beetlejoos...beetlejoos...beetl..
Beckett   North Eastern veteran band with history
Bellhouse Road Club. Sheffield's top rock club!
Big D's Another biker haven road house in  deepest West Yorkshire
Big Day  Modern/Classic band with a great reputation.
Big Fish Band Some experience in this band!
Biker Guide The world of bikes and rallying
Birdwell Venue Excellent promotions venue.
Black Flag Rehearsal Studios  In Castleford. Value for money high quality rehearsal studios.
Black Flag Venue Wakefield - bringing top acts to Wakefield city centre.
Black  Rainbow  Good fellows all! Great classic rock in the Ronnie James Dio style.
Black Rising       Another Pete Goodfellow band!
Black Rose classic rock covers
Blitz Myspace
Bloodshot  Donny Band
Blues Matters THE leading voice of the blues in Britain. Value for money magazine.
Blue Rock Band Hailing from South Yorks
BluesRockers  A great  US/Norwegian site of like minded people, with great reviews  and info.
Blueflies Miles' sorts this one out!
Blueflies Myspace
Blueniks blues band from Bradford
Bobtje Blues A nice blues site from over The North Sea run by a nice person called Bob!
Bon/DC Pete Goodfellows Bon Scott era DC tribute band.
Bonnie Mac Blues based band with female lead,experienced musicians
Bravado  New Rush Tribute Band from the South Yorkshire area.
Break Out   quality musicians
Britrocks  full decade by decade rock
Broadband girl fronted rock!
Brown Bottle Band Sheffield veteran band.
Burns Unit sounds hot!
Burnwylde classy rock band.
Buzz Room rock and other things
Cardinals check 'em out!
Cargo ****new link
Caught Off Guard covers band
Chantel McGregor female guitar bluser, and good with it!
Clowne Blues Club  Still a great way to finish the weekend
coAst "Non stop classic rock covers from the sixties to the naughties"
Cold Flame Like Jethro Tull? You'll like these then.
Cold Gin South Yorks Rock
Contraband Excellent Rock Covers band from Bradford
Coyote A band doing good things
Cross Keys Friday and Saturday nights. Attracts some excellent bands.
Crosscut Saw Leeds premier blues trio
Crossfire and at
Charlie Don't Surf South Yorkshire rock band...nothing like The Beach Boys!
Chasing Amy GOTH BAND
Clubland Rockers Sadly this has been discontinued despite our support.
Chris Janssen  Dutch bassist and promoter in the Rock and Blues field.
Creme-Brulee rock covers band in West Yorkshire
Crush and The Mighty Rhythm  Could be off the wall knowing these chaps.
Daddy Cools Harrogate night spot with live music.
Damian Twigg Photography -great images of rock musicians
Dave Jackson Band
Dam-Nation Rock covers from "Tarn"....(Barnsley)
DC/79 Rock and Roll Damnation! AC/DC tribute.
Delirium Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Rainbow, Cult, Darkness, Jet etc
Desilva "Yorkshire's finest rock covers band" quote-Google! Good site to visit.
Danny Gartside Rock Photography Just like it says on the tin!
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband Rock Blues at it's best
Daze Young lads playing good classic rock
Dickens Live new venue for 2010
Dont Shoot The Messenger Rock through the decades
Do$ch superb rhythm and blues band and a nice website . Comical songs to identify with!
Down Your Street Middlesborough club site ran by two great guys
D Railed Take a look!
Dropoutdogs Rock band with good repertoire. Myspace
Dr Blue Wakefield's veteran blusers with humours!
Dufflegoat ****3 piece rock band
Dylan Brierley. Young singer songwriter from Morley, Leeds.
Echopark a new band  to us. Check 'em out!
Edible Underwear definitely not pants.
Egypt Rock Blues band of long standing evolved from The Groundhogs and Dumpy's Rusty Nuts. Bikers know the score here! Listen to their
ElecTech Robin of GDI Band's electrical service
Eleventh Hour Young band but very impressive own material
Elkie Brooks Pearls a singer but Elkie rocks! Queen of the UK's rock'n'blues.
Emerald excellent rock covers
Empress Female led band
Export A good time band from Leeds. Book 'em for your party or your rally.
Fade2Black Following the great tradition of blues bands...mp3 available too.
Firey Biscuits West Yorks band
Fireball Ex Live Wire of York, veteran international rockers still rocking....oh yes!
Flashback 1960's style rock band from York via Hamburg, Liverpool's Cavern, etc
Flatliners another band  full of other band members equals good fun.
Forming Bands  dedicated to registering musicians and forming bands. Great idea!
Fraser Callum Guitar set ups
Free Official Myspace
Free Lucy Piller's excellent and best website for all things Free and Bad Company
GDI Band  Rocking blues to rock. Quote: "rockers who rock"
Galaxy Music  Castleford music store
Gasworks Bar Max's excellent bar in Bradford Central. The tops!
Gavin Coulson Gav's website  telling all about him and his exploits!
Gavin Coulson Group Rocking Blues!
Get Vegas must be good with a name like that!
Gina Dootson a talented young lady who is sure to go far. Avril ya heart out!
Girl Kills Boy Young highly talented trio
GLAM glam rock band!
Go Kommando great band making all the right noises!
Green Lane WMC Featherstone. Promoting RotN bands.
Grumpy Old Men Wakefield geriatric power trio
Guitartutorleeds Guitar tuition
Gun Law Modern rock delivered so well.
Hard Shoulder Rock covers band
Harry Coffey Band Classic Rock band
Hall Cross Rock Bar Rock/Biker pub in Hall Cross, Doncaster Central. Nice website. Live Bands.
Hells Bells Rock Disco  You never know when you might need one
Helter Skelter Young band great repertoire
Here's Jonny  Jonny Kanvas new band
Henry's Carpetskip New Young band
Huddersfield bands Phil Munt's facility for the Hudds area.
Hubert Sumlin Guitar hero's guitar hero, Right hand man of Howlin' Wolf, and Muddy Waters.
Howard Ellis Great guitar player and more.
Howden-Live East Yorkshire live music venue with an enthusiastic promoter.
Iain Hearfield A Red him Ed, never call him Red!
Ian Parker Internationally renowned singer/guitarist / songwriter.
Idle Pop  Bradford band
Infinity Highly recommended band
Invisible Idols destined for fame?
Invisible Sons new band
In the Name Of Young original material band from Rotherham. Very good.
Iron-On Maiden tribute to the kings of dramatic British rock. Brilliant vocals.
Jackhammer  Rock/blues boozy flatulent band. That's what we like about 'em!
Jamontop Studios  West Yorkshire studio
JD Band  From three other bands comes a great repertoire.
Jagged Edge W.Yorks top class clubrock band with incredible lighting FX
Jagged Edge Forum
James Cannon and the Sinners Irish style rock!
Jamie Mallender ace bass player with Let There Be Rock
Johnny the Fox  Reformed Lizzy tribute
Johnny H Band ex Voodoo Van Boogie guitarist website also at here
Julian Sas Dutch rock blues hero. Great riffy guitar player in the style of Rory Gallagher
Justice Rising classic rock and metal covers band also myspace affordable pa and lighting rental.
Kev Richardson Drum Tuition  amazingly nice guy (Kev says!) Check it out!
Kick The Habit rockin for ya!
Killin Floor Experienced band
Kingcrows 4-piece Leeds-based sleaze punk band playing original material. Also here.
Kneivel **** New Link
Last Gang in Town Yorkshire punk!
Last Orders  Great Music for discerning old farts.
Laughing Gravy Rock covers and a bit of humour!!!
Laurie Morvan Great female guitar player from the US. Nice website.
Lawless female rocker lead
Leeds Rock School New school of musical excellence
Legion South Yorkshire Rock Covers Band
Lets Zeppelin Cheshire based tribute
Limehouse Lizzy The most succesful of all Lizzy Tributes..probably the best.
Live @ Dickens  Keeping the legendary Rotherham venue alive.
Live in Leeds John Keenan's site. John's a good promoter, take a peek to see who's on at The New Roscoe and Irish Centre.
Live Music Promotions Nick's myspace for live Shipley gigs
Loaded  ****New Link
Loud Promotions Wilbarston's finest rock blues promotions
Mag 7 Veteran musos with rock/blues feel.
Matt Black Yorkshire vocalist
Must Ash Wishbone Ash tribute
Maiden England a tribute to one of England's proudest bands.
Mark Abrahams Ace Yorkshire guitar player
Maryport Blues Festival One of this country's most prestigious blues festivals.
Mary T Female blues guitarist/singer on the U.S. Festivals circuit . MP3's available
Meanstreak Anyone for Y&T? Plus many others....
Men of a Certain Age  Well some of us are there already
Metalphetamine   metal covers band
Metalworks Awesome rock band from the Royston, Barnsley area. Nice site, brilliant show.
Millitia  Young metallica tribute band
Mick Clarke World renowned rock/blues guitar player. A real trooper. Ace player!
Mojo  blues rock band from Leeds. Brilliant!
Monkey Dust   a right set of monkeys!
Morley Music Trust looking after Leeds bands
Motiv  young band
Motus  original material band with Graham and Liz from the PLC Band
Mourning For Autumn  - four ladies
Mr E new link
Mr Chief  Top classic rock band ! Excellent!
Miss Chief  Mr Chief but with a difference!
Mishkin ****new link
Mutz Nutz pub/club rock band
New Barrack Tavern  Great pub in Sheffield with proper beer and blues and rock bands
My Rare Guitars Eastwood guitars in the United States...Retro!  ****new link
New Music Label newly allied to RotN
Nick Davies Band Superb rockin' blues band
No Mercy for Percy young improvers from Castleford
No Quarter Ace West Yorkshire rock band! RotN favourites.
Northern Rokk new band fro Bradford
Northern Vinyl Another excellent Brit rock band from the local area.
Nottinghambands Gary's website of bands and venues around Nottingham.
Nuclear Blast Clothes shopping in Germany. T-shirts, Celtic stuff etc. We've used them for really good service, quick, good quality, secure.
Number 10 Dickens Bar Another good rock bar in Rotherham. Tributes R Us !
One Fat Spider Arachnorock! Modern Music, Nice People.
Optic Nerve Three piece AC/DC tribute doing a five pieces job
Overdrive rock!
Paddy McGuire Band Rockin' Blues
Parrocks Our Italian friends...who rock! If you like Deep Purple, see this band.
Paul Flanaghan Alcatraz's bass players website. Check out the gallerys! Sharonnnnn!
Paul Jeffery Band  cool sounds!
Paul Marshall Photography Great images from the RotN area
Paul Rodgers Myspace site
Permission to Rock Another fine band from The Midlands
Pete Feenstra London's Premier promoter . Another great Rob White site.
Phil Brodie Band These veteran blues rockers still know which buttons to press (and invariably do!) This is Bev Turner's fabulous and truly amazing website. One of the best!
Phoenix Rising Classic rock with a good light show
Picturedrome Holmfirth  host to some great acts
Plan B  rockin blues band
Planet Rock Our favourite Classic Rock radio station!
Plastillica Young new band from Castleford
Polish Club  Barnsley
Psi Phi Doncaster band. Very interesting music, check 'em out.
Project 552 Interesting band with a different repertoire.
Pro Sound Leeds PA Lighting FX
Pro Two Woodlands Castleford's own recording studios
Rakkiteers Some good lads and a naughty girl on bass!
Raindogs ****New Link
Ransum Loud and Proud  Rocking South Yorks covers band
Rattlers Female lead rock covers band aka The Rattlers
Razorbach  Huddersfield superstars!
Reckless Barnsley rock band
Recycled ...check 'em out!
Renegade Lizzy like it says on the tin
Resurgence Good time band from Leeds with  pink girl-power lead !
Red Mosquito South Yorkshire rock covers band
Red 13 Myspace Lighting and PA. Mike Smith makes you look and sound good.
Red 13 Lighting and PA. Mike Smith makes you look and sound good.
Reverb Nation  A bit like Myspace
Revival Classic rock band
Revival Myspace
Richard Boyles Webmaster Extraordinaire .Walter Trout Fan Club President an
Ripley Blues Club Three miles from Harrogate. Aristocratic blues!
Roadhouse  Gary Boner's famed band. Rocking blues at it's best.
Roadkill Rock cover band with a bit of edge!
Roadstunner Berwick on Tweed touring band.
Robin Elvin Ex-boxer, Rock'n' Roll artist...good guitarist too...from King's Lynn.
Rock Forces AOR website
Rock Junkies New link
Rock Knight Radio Rock radio online 24/7
Rocket Queen Susi's German rock website.
Rockdogz  classic rock big band
Rock Solid  Rock through the ages!
Rock Train a band with a huge repertoire
Rodger South Yorkshire covers band
Rogue Hearts  Young band with loads of potential
Royal Orleans Led Zeppelin tribute
Rosewell Amps Dave Gascoigne's bespoke amplifier site.
Ryan Mitchell Smith Chip off the old block harp/guitar/vox in "The Heat"
Sack Sabbath tribute to Ozzy and the Sabbs
Saracen Epic rock band from the past, now resurrected.Listen to the MP3's! Wow!
Saiichi Sugiyama The Japanese Blues Master
Scandal rock band
Shieila Mac Songstress. Three tracks to listen to.
Scooby Undisputed bucket record holders!
Shield of Steel Signed rock band
Shrood Ryan Mitchell Smith Band
Sidewinder ****New Link
Silverburn club/pub rock
Silverthorn  rock.
Sincerley Yours Rock Pop Band
Sinnerboy Lively Rory tribute band from Glossop! Noisy burgers and great with it!
Sleeze Beez Dutch mega band big in the US
Snafu There's a lot of bare-arsed cheek at this venue! More "G" than "E" strings here!
South Wales Bands Same mentality as ROTN -Support Live Music!
South West club pub band
Soul 7 Party band ! Even your grandma will like this band!
Space Cadets Comedy rock
SoundHouse rock band from Selby
Sour Mash Rock Covers band from South Yorkshire
Splash Alley Veteran rock band with stadium style light show
Splinter Excellent Leeds rock covers band...great repertoire!
Squealer East Yorks Band
Stageside Photography Phil Ross's photography and Filming site. Bands a speciality.
Steve French Band rockin' blues with a reputation that goes before them.
 Steve Pickles  Guitar player/club and publand  stalwart
Storm West Yorkshire band!
Straighten Out  "Walkin' on the beaches looking at the peaches" Stranglers tribute!
Straight Razor Angels **** new link
Sugarbullets  Bit of punk from West of the Pennines
Sugarmamas  ladies blues band!
Sully's Heroes legendary band
Styckleback Another great  band from Leeds. Steppenwolf to Arctic Monkeys!!!
Stumble Sheffield/Chesterfield band with diverse repertoire
Suicide Blonde  Rockers, Rollers,almost outta controllers.
Suite Zero Sheffield based rock covers band
Sumdysdad another good West Yorkshire band
Sun City Slackers new link
Swansong Female fronted band from Sheffield.
Tantrum  **** New Link Veteran band still kicking ass!
Theory1 myspace
The Biker Guide 'Great site for Biker with Rallies, News and Directory'
The Blueflies 3 piece power trio from York
The Branch Pub Shipley
The Broadfield New venue that used to be a live venue long time ago
The Brew. Formerly Strange Brew.  Great band!
The Chasing Dark new band
The Coniston Up in Idle village!
The Carnival legendary Sheffield band!
The Despoilers Rock covers band
The Dots Covers band from ancient to modern.
The Dunwell Brothers destined for fame from Pudsey!
The Erics Fun band but with excellent musicianship and no strangers to charity fundraising.
The Fabulous Clog Iron Brothers Seventies music specialists
The Fallen check 'em out
The Forgotten  ****New link hope we've got it right this time!
The Foresters Arms Mid week gigs Wakefield
The Fuel **** New Link
The Grimshaws Halifax based classic rock at it's best
The Heat A brilliant duo featuring Antonio Lulic and Ryan Mitchell Smith
The Interiorz "Dig That Goddam Rock'n'Roll"
The Irregulars new young band
The Rattlers Rock covers band with female lead singer
The Rejexx Good varied repertoire in a punky kinda style we think!
The Lion
The Love Vandals
The Measles rock band
The Moccassins original and covers band
The New Inn (Walton) Wakefield suburbs Tuesday live music night.
The New Inn  Leeds music venue in Churwell South Leeds
The Remedy  New link
The Reprobates New band great repertoire
The Ship Royston's rock pub!
The Sharpees  London's Max R&B band
The String Surgeon Top Quality Guitar builds and repairs by a top class musician.
The Senators great band
The Stag's Head  Pub Myspace
The Strats   2 piece Irish band on the Blues Matters record label, Check the MP3's!
Suicide Blonde rock!
The Survivors rock band
The Supermodels     from York
The Tat    a band with an unusual name
The Tempus  A good band- upwardly mobile.
The Snooty Fox Wakefield live music venue 6 days a week.
The Theory modern covers
The Victorzulus Myspace
The Victorzulus A Yorky playing in Manc land.
The Whatevs female fronted band
The Wellington Eccleshill, Bradford
The Unforgiven rock/blues band
Thunder in Toytown Britpop britrock
Tiger Bay Leeds Band
 Time Machine  Doctor Who's house band..only kidding!
Top Gun Rock covers band making a good reputation for themselves!
Top Notch Excellent young band from Bradford
Total Confusion Superb punk/rock band from Barnsley also at
Trip Manhatten East Yorks based female lead covers and original music band
True Brit The Who,Kinks, Jam and Paul Weller material. English rock!
Touch2Much it's just a touch...too much! Another tribute to the maestros from Oz.
Twist of Fate West Yorks Rock Covers band
Twin Lizzy The boys are back...the boys are back
Tush Rotherham Band
Unbroken from South Yorkshire
UK Foo Fighters Just like it says on the tin
Undercovered  Excellent band doing more in the RotN area lately.
Under Fire  with members of Contraband so this band will be good
Urchin Child Young gifted and from Yorkshire
Unleashed Mick (Metalworks) Howarth's band
Us4/U2 Tribute to Bono and the boys!
Welsh T Band **** New Link
West Street Live  A new gig in Sheffield featuring good bands
Walter Trout King of the Hot Rod Blues
Wild Hogs  Rock'n'roll !
Wild McBride wild boys from South Yorkshire!
Valley Trucking for your next tour-transport and logistics solution.
Vagabond West Yorks quality rock band
Valkyrie West Yorks veterans
Vamp  Great band from Barnsley...great band? MEGA band!
Van Hooligan tribute to Van Halen and AC/DC...great band!
Versonic Recommended band
Versatonic  Modern and Indie band
Vintage The Band
Vinyl Years Nostalgic material to please everyone
Vision Guitars  Local internet based company and Castleford shop.
Volume Zero Modern rock and quite possibly destined for fame
Voices Made Me Do It   Funky!
X-Rippers Punky! also at
Yardbirds Rock Club Rock bands ,bikers,does life get any better than that? Grimsby high profile venue.
Yorkshire Bikers A good bikersite who support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
Zuel  Classic Rock Band
ZZ Eliminator West Yorks boogie band outta Texas....