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Well here we are and the CD is ready for delivering to you. I am very happy with this CD and it has something for everyone. I've posted this extra page because we are getting hits from worldwide after the leading song "Hope" was posted on the site under the Shield of Steel group of tracks from their Communion CD. At the 23rd September Hope was sitting at #1 in the classic rock chart and remained there for a week. It's not the final master but it's just about the same.  They will be 10 plus 2 post and packing. I will consider posting overseas. ALL Proceeds go to Cancer Research UK to help them fight this scourge of mankind. Some of the contributing bands might carry some to gigs where you will be able to buy them. At the present time the distribution agreement with the manufacturers has not been finalised but it is thought that the CD will be available in HMV in the United Kingdom. Every track on this CD is as worthy as the next, there are no "fillers".

Some quotes from those who've received their CD's:

Nina Chambers,"...received the CD this morning and it's absolutely brilliant!!"

Simon Boardman, " Looks and sounds fantastic! There's some great stuff by some talented people on there. Hope you raise S**t loads of cash!!!"

Graham Charman, " Had a good run through it yesterday and have to say I found it most enjoyable. Its been presented really well and mastered seamlessly."

Mike Stringer, " had a good listen on the way back from the Cross Keys tonight and it looks and sounds the dogs nuts. Fantastic!"

Chris Chambers, " Having a first listen atm. It's excellent so far !"

Joe Corrigan, "The RoTN to the Core CD is awesome, I was well impressed by it, when you get albums there is usually some tracks you're not keen on, but I can honestly say I like every song"

Howard Gibson, "Go Kommando's track 4 on the ROTN CD is quite frankly the best track I have heard in years."


Those wanting information about the CD please read on.


The press release is below:

RotN to the Core    RotN 001

This CD is the RotN to the Core Campaign release in aid of Cancer Research UK. The Wakefield based Rock of the North website (RotN) has for the past few years supported the local semi-pro musicians of the Yorkshire area of the UK. Mainly rock covers and blues covers bands, and a few tribute bands have become a community of like-minded individuals who have enjoyed a community spirit under the RotN umbrella.

It soon became apparent that it would be easy to work together to make charity funds for many causes whilst at the same time having a lot of fun. Charity events were organised, some by Rock of the North and others by the good people of our rock community. Many thousands of pounds have been raised for a number of different charities.

The idea of a charity record came to me a while ago. I considered recording the cover bands of the community doing their own thing live, but realised that royalty issues and licences would be restrictive, profit-wise.

After I heard If You Love Me , an original song by The Invisible Idols I realised that the joint talents of breaking stars Chantel McGregor and The Invisible Idols would do this song a lot of justice with it’s AOR feel and undeniable “hook”. The song was initially captured live at a specially arranged session at the Lion pub in Castleford and recorded on the spot by Col Challinor, a respected musician with a great reputation for recording live performances. Vocalists Chantel McGregor and Matt (Black) Cooper were also recorded separately as was Chantel’s guitar solo and everything came together at the home of Col Challinor.

Before this the local guitar hero Gavin Coulson was working on a song called Hope with Audio Mangle owner/drummer/singer Tim Gillespie. The song took it’s lead from the mid eighties Hear’N’Aid project We’re Stars where a number of the world’s rock stars made a song together for the starving in Africa. Gavin and Tim’s original song came to me in a roughly mixed MP3 and I was impressed immediately.

I began to recruit local “superstars” who were more than willing to record this song in the format that Gavin and Tim had proposed. The band has been dubbed The RotN All Stars for obvious reasons. So one Saturday morning in the late spring of 2009, singers and guitarists turned up at an unlikely “studio” which was The Miners Arms public house in Altofts, ‘tween Castleford and Wakefield. As a concession to professionalism, the pub was closed to the public!

A backing track had been prepared and performed by Gavin on guitar and bass and with percussion by Tim. The assembled artists had rehearsed their parts and one by one they played their solos or sang the whole song as Tim Gillespie recorded every take. Bradford’s Chantel McGregor has the distinction of singing and playing the guitar on the track. Those who couldn’t make it that day were recorded later, then the unbelievably talented Tim Gillespie took all the components which included 12 guitar solos and mixed them at Audio Mangle into the amazing Hope, a track of over 8 minutes in duration and with the singers taking a phrase apiece!

The lyrics were written by Gavin especially for this CD, as a fund raiser for Cancer Research UK. The lyric “Together we will find the way” echoes Cancer Research UK’s motto “Together we will beat cancer”. Together is what this whole CD album is about. However the closeness of the mottos was not intentional!

Recognising that two songs do not make an album, I asked selected bands to offer their original material to be a part of this CD. I wasn’t disappointed as the bands forwarded some great tracks.

Gav Coulson dug out one of his solo recordings from his locker, which is Sweet Little Girl, a ballad with guitar playing of epic proportions and with exceptional skill and melody, providing a showcase for the Wakefield legend’s talents.

Go Kommando offered an arena band style Find Our Way, a mellow rock ballad with more lyrics especially written to suit the context of this album. Coz McCossins wrote and recorded this at his Bridlington home with band members of Go Kommando. The melody sounds familiar but the song is original, and a credit to one of Yorkshire’s top covers bands.

Another of Yorkshire’s elite bands are Motus who had already recorded David, subsequently had it re-mixed by the famed producer Beau Hill (who wrote songs for Stevie Nicks and produced American bands Winger and Ratt), and sent the track to us which was gratefully received. Written by husband and wife team Liz and Graham Charman with the band’s bassist Mike Stringer, David is a break from the classic rock mold but remaining in the rock genre and indicating why Liz has for years justifiably been known as “The First Lady of Rock” in West Yorkshire. 

Gavin Coulson and Tim Gillespie feature once more as they teamed up with vocalist Pete Goodfellow in Shield of Steel and their previously released All I Need Is You. This is from their CD album Communion on the Casket label. Tim, Pete and Gavin have been exceptionally hard working during the production of this CD and this track is a very mellow rock ballad with great guitar and meaningful vocals from Pete Goodfellow.

Changing genre slightly comes Red Light from Flyz. Originally released on their own CD Aphrodisia, it represents South East Leeds, specifically Rothwell where the songwriters hail from. Johnno Hudson and Simon Boardman were arch rivals with their 1980’s teenage bands from the South Leeds suburb then in later years teamed up to form Flyz, a high quality original material band. Red Light is typical of all their compositions, jaunty rock with a hook.

Again the genre changes to include Sheffield’s real rhythm and blues combo Do$ch. Composers Ian Bartrum and Andy Hinkler, (brother of The Mission’s Simon Hinkler) wrote this comical tale of a band member’s woes at rebuilding a Triumph Bonneville motorbike. Unsurprisingly entitled Bonneville Rebuild Blues the track is complete with sound effects from a real Triumph Bonneville and some great slide guitar. This track is from the band’s first CD Money to Burn and was a must-have inclusion on this CD album as the band are at the forefront of  charity fund raising in South Yorkshire, and are damned good at their style of rock’n’roll.

Go Kommando supplied the riffy rocker Rise Above It to accompany their other submission Find Our Way. Again this excellent song was written by Coz McCossins and recorded in Bridlington with lyrics aimed at beating the deadly disease that this CD’s fund raising is intended to fight against.

A shortened radio mix of Hope closes the album .

Rock of the North is licensed by Cancer Research UK. Rock of the North and RotN to the Core logos are copyright of Steve Lally. Steve Lally is a cancer patient at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, and is the Editor of Rock of the North, and organiser of the RotN to the Core Campaign. The RotN All Stars are Chantel McGregor (Chantel McGregor Band), Matt Black (Invisible Idols), Shane Haigh (Piston Broke), Matt Duggan (Scooby), Coz McCossins (Go Kommando), Andy Hayward (Go Kommando), Mick Norbury (Broken Angel), Jonny Crossland (Mr Chief), Pete Goodfellow (Shield of Steel), Danny Firth (Reetyus) , Gavin Coulson (Shield of Steel) and Tim Gillespie (Telegram Sam).

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